Raizou Asagi

Asagi is Sachie039s grandfather and the head of a yakuza gang. The kanji character for quotRaiquot in his name Raizo means thunder bolt in Japanese. He is a man of integrity and honor. Everyone in his gang is devoted to him since many people who he has taken in are those who have nowhere else to go. His favorite food is hamburger with egg in it. He keeps his daughter Yukie039s room untouched and punishes whoever goes in it severely. When his daughter decided to leave his home he told her that she would no longer be an Asagi and would be dead to him. When he heard his daughter was dead and left a granddaughter he decided to take her in. One of his hand is missing a pinky. Yubitsume refers to fingercutting. Among the yakuza the cutting of one039s pinky serves as form of penance or apology. Source: Wikipedia