鵺, Thunder King
Nue is intelligent and caring but overall fairly serious. Not much is known about him. He has short spiky lavender hair and dark blue eyes. One thick lock of hair curves back and he wears a large black cape over his regalia. The Thunder Regalia was heavily damaged in an earlier battle but thanks to a rather quick retuning Nue was able to arrive in time to save Kazu and co. from Gabishi. Nue is later present to hear Spitfire039s final words. He then reveals that he along with all the members of Black Crow are second generation Gravity Children. Although he disagrees with the Takeuchi brothers039 methods he tells Ikki that Black Crow will remain part of Genesis because Takeuchi Sora has promised to change the world so as to enable the Gravity Children to live a normal life. Road Nue is the current Thunder King of the Rising Road. He is the only current King who has not received much characterization in terms of his Road or his style of riding so his philosophy as a Storm Rider has not been revealed. Regalia Nue039s Regalia is unique in that it039s the only full body Regalia of the AT world. Apart from his neck and head his whole body is encased in the Regalia. Nue specializes in manipulating electricity and magnetism allowing him to create hallucinations and/or powerful electric attacks with his wire system built into the Thunder Regalia even if he doesn039t need his Regalia quotarmorquot to create powerful electric attacks. Nue039s Regalia is also very heavy enough to create a small crater in the ground when he jumps down. Tricks Get Together By manipulating electricity in his surroundings Nue is capable of generating a magnetic field that draws all metallic objects to the ground. He uses this to disarm Wind GMen agents after the Behemoth match and then to hold Gabishi down in preparation for his Infinity Atmosphere ability. Atmosphere Max Once his desired target is completely entangled by his wires Nue generates a large surge of electricity from his Regalia and sends it through the wires essentially cooking the afflicted enemy. Even Gabishi a Kinglevel Gravity Child and a member of Sleeping Forest was instantly knocked out by this trick. Illusions Nue uses his Regalia to mess with his enemy039s brain waves causing them to hallucinate and see things that aren039t real. He uses this to great effect with the help of his team who can actually strike foes making the trick even more convincing.