Annie Leonhart


Age: 16 Height: 153 cm (5") Weight: 54 kg (119 lbs) Affiliations: 104th Trainees Squad, Military Police Graduation Rank: 4th Ranked 4th of the trainee class. A stoic girl, her father trained her in hand to hand combat. She's a solitary type, and solidarity doesn't come to her easily.

She is revealed to be the female titan who killed most of the Scouting Legion members and also killed the 2 titans Hanji was researching. She was also aiming to kidnap Eren and bring him 'somewhere'. Later on Mikasa managed to stop her from running away, and when people tried to bring her out of her titan form, reminded of her father, she wrapped herself inside a hard crystal which made it unable to get any information from her.

(Source: Wikipedia) Note: Annie Leonhart is the official English translation by Kodansha.