Red Raven IV, The One Eyed Head Hunter
The 4th Executioner Red Raven or Andy is an agent of the Law Enforcement Court Red Raven. Letters of execution are sent out by the court and it is the agents job to carry out the execution based on the contents of the letter. Andy is a comical and aloof boy who often acts upon his own intuition which isnt always the best option. He has problems navigating and often gets lost which results in him showing up late. In battle he has a strong and serious personality. He wields a guillotine that is concealed by a suitcase which he carries around at all times. There is an eyepatch over his right eye which is embedded with the Blood Eye a product of the illegal weapons manufacturer SCCAGGS. This eye gives him the ability to avoid all bullets fired at him. Along with his eye the SCCAGGS mark is also imprinted on the left side of his chest which implies that SCCAGGS recognizes him as a product of their own. Weapons of SCCAGGS that have numbers represent a different level of power but the reverse number that Andy sports has yet to be explained.