A huge black winged serpent. The only shikigami capable of destroying a shinigami. When in human form Touda wears a visor over his eyes to inhibit his powers. He does as Tsuzuki asks but only exactly as he asks. Nonetheless he is devoted in his own way to Tsuzuki who freed him from eternal imprisonment for unknown crimes. It is suggested that his crimes were actually missions the Golden Emperor assigned him privately then punished him for publicly. When Tsuzuki found him Touda was chained up in the deepest basement of Tenkuu naked except for what appears to be a pair of leather socks. He vowed to help Tsuzuki since it was the only way out of his imprisonment and agreed to wear the visor that also seems to alter his memories as well as limit his strength. The only other character known to have a Shiki is Hisoka who is in control of a small first level water Shiki named Rikko. He can contain water in his body and spray it at will and enjoys singing into a microphone and speaking bits of Spanish and English. He died protecting Hisoka from an enraged Kurikara. Hisoka then tried to attack Kurikara but was stopped by Kotaro. Source: Wikipedia