Michinori Magata

真賀田道則, Magarfunkle

Michinori Magata (真賀田 道則, Magata Michinori) is a student at Kaimei High School and the vice-president of the Boys' Manga Club. He and Saikawa form the Sainon & Magarfunkel (マガーファンクル) mangaka duo (a pun of the famous folk rock duo Simon & Garfunkel). Magata has an ongoing rivalry with Roman due to his belief that shōnen manga is better than shōjo and appears to have the same ability as her to summon manga background effects in real life. Manga Debut: Chapter 156 (The Road Roman Takes) Anime Debut: Episode 73 (The Time I Fully Came to Know Peeping...) (Source: SKET Dance Wikia)