Genji Hiraga

平賀 源二
Genji Hiraga is class representative of class 2D the class of Miharu better known as Minami039s YuriBurdock. Genji proposes to not have the mistake of Hiromi Nakabayashi repeat and to not underestimate the students of class 2F after they challenged his class. He believes he has anticipated accurately their tactics and has already identified a weak point: while the battle rages he will have his students behind sneak into enemy lines and ambush the seemingly defenseless class president Yuuji with a direct attack which according to his information the very worst marks that 2F has. However Yuuji gives permission for Akihisa and Hideyoshi to launch a surprise attack on their classroom. Genji039s Shoukanjuu is clad in a General uniform and wields a sword. Source: Baka to Test Wikia