Nigel Kirkland


A former engineer, Nigel worked on the Boomer Project with Sylia's father and Brian J. Mason, then later helped Sylia design and build the hard suits. Now a mechanic, he helps maintain the hard suits. He is romantically involved with Sylia, but because of his quiet, sullen nature he is called the "man of a thousand grunts" by other characters and his true feelings for Sylia are unknown. Mackey becomes his protege and one of the few people Nigel seems to consider a friend.

At the beginning of the series, Priss appears to be infatuated with him, though he does not react to her flirtations. However, he later creates a "Motoslave" specifically for her that, using Nigel's voice, says it wishes to protect Priss. She is also the only team member he shows any concern about when she is injured and appears to be bothered by her ignoring him.