カシム, Kashim, Kassim
Alibabas childhood friend and later on adopted brother. When Kassim was younger he lived in the slums of Balbadd with his sister and father. One day his father was beating him and his sister until they were saved by Alibaba Salujas mother Anise Saluja. After saving them Anise took them in as a member of her family. One day Anise surcame to an illness and died. At that point Kassim took on the roll of taking care of them. Although he is the cadre of the Fog Troupe he is the real leader of the Fog Troupe. He uses the magical weapon Sword of the Black Binding Fog. He had lived with Alibaba in the slum streets like brothers when he was younger. His name is based from the brother of Alibaba in Alibaba and the forty thieves. Source: Magi Wikia