Rina Kuramoto

Name: Rina Kuramoto Age:15 Date of Birth: July 17 1996 Rina Hates Perverted Men she compares them to wolves thanks to her father she looks for a boy who does not look at her with dirty eyes when she learns that the new transfer student Ookami Jin knows nothing of the current world she starts to know him and through many events starts to date after the basketball match with Keita. after dating awhile she finds it hard to do romantic things around ookami and on thier Date pushes him away. with a chapter or two later ookamis father shows up hypnotizing Rina to do more romantic things with Ookami. a week later Rinas Birthday follows with Keita brings red roses for her Ookami seeing with flowers behind his back runs off Rina thorwing away the flowers and following him and accepting the flowers with following a trip where Rina finds out that Keita likes her forming a love triangle and a forced kiss by Keita with Ookami secretly seeing.