Alzeid is a twentyfouryearold but the author Minari Endoh says he is nineteen in the chapter summaries because of him being with such a young girl albino who joins Rahzel while on his journey to get revenge on his father039s enemy a woman who has black hair and blue eyes. He is cold and quiet but he has the greatest influence on Rahzel039s actions. He likes cocoa peaches sweets he usually puts 10 teaspoons of sugar in cocoa and tea and sleep he dislikes mornings baths alarms carrots and green peppers. He also pouts when people are ignoring him. At the beginning of their journey together he treats Rahzel coldly as a nuisance but gradually gets used to her. When Serateed decides to take Rahzel home Baroqueheat understands and agrees but Alzeid seeing that Rahzel is not opposing her father angrily decides to go with her. Source: Wikipedia