Sho Kazamatsuri


Birthday: March 10, 1984 Sign: Taurus Height: 146cm Weight: 40kg Blood Type: A Favorite Food: curry rice, dry fried chicken, kit kat Dislikes: sea cucumbers Hobbies/Special Skills: soccer, ability to sleep anywhere Family: Kazamatsuri Kou (brother, technically cousin), Shiomi Kensuke (biological Father) Shoes: Asics Uniform Number: 9 (19 on the Senbatsu after Tenjo leaves) School: Sakura Jyousui, 2-A The main character of Whistle! Shou starts out by transferring from the well-known school Musashi no Mori to Sakura Jyousui to pursue his soccer dreams. His soccer skills were bad because while he was a Musashi no Mori, he was automatically put on the 3rd team for his height, and only did errands. The only thing that he did well in soccer was lifting. Shou has no ego and is always humble about his abilities. Whenever he sees a superb player, he will create a goal to beat them too. He is never satisfied with his skill, and continues to train himself to become stronger and stronger.