Winner Sinclair

A vampire hunter descended from a long line of hunters Winner is very melodramatic and his hunting garb is flamboyant: a black flowing Neostyle long overcoat with a white chest and a gold W plastered across the front and a huge widebrimmed hat with a feather sticking out of it. His blond good looks make him extremely popular with the girls at the school and his cool appearance is also commented on by passing strangers. He transfers to Karins high school and falls in love with her at first sight constantly making romantic overtures toward her. Despite being a vampire hunter he does not know about Karins true nature as he is blinded by love and possibly also because he is not very bright. As a child he met a girl with whom he shared his first kiss. However the girl he kissed was unknown to him at the time actually a younger Karin who bit him and injected her blood into him. There is one massive stumbling block to Winners progress as a vampire hunter however: he has hemophobia aka a fear of blood which goes as far as feeling sick when seeing spilt red paint. Note: Winner is an animeonly character and does not appear in the manga verison. Source: Wikipedia