Giancarlo Bourbon del Monte

ジャンカルロ・ブルボン・デル・モン, Gian, Lucky Dog
Age: 25 Birth date: 1907 October 10 Height: 177cm Weight: 58kg Blood Type: O Sign: Libra Tattoo: Left clavicle Prisoner Number: 02856 Color: Gold Hobbies: Jail break listening to the radio Favorite Food: Gum Favorite Color: Yellow Gian has been in the mafia since his youth and has been thrown into prison many times over. Nonetheless he has never failed in escaping prison thus gaining the nickname LUCKY DOG. Relaxed and playful Gian doesnt care much about anything including his appearance. Hes unrefined a heavy smoker hes always seen with either tobacco or his favorite food gum and lacks general hygiene. Although he usually goes with the flow truthfully hes a shrewd person. Voiced in the game by Suzuki Tatsuhisa. Source: