Giulio Di Bondone

ジュリオ・ディ・ボンドーネ, Mad Dog Giulio
Age: 24 Birthday: February 15th Height: 188 cm 6 3 Weight: 72 kg Blood Type: AB Sign: Aquarius Tattoo: Left flank Prisoner Number: 04517 Color: Dark violet Favorite Food: Ice cream Favorite Color: Red Giulio Di Bondone also known as Mad Dog Giulio . He doesnt talk a lot and shows no interest in anyone. But aside from that he appears to have an attachment or rather maybe obsession to Gian andn act differently around him. Not only is he the most dangerous in the group he really enjoys killing more than anything. He has necrophilia problem and strange fetish like: drinking the bloods of his victim. Even though he has those scary habits hes actually tender and sometimes cute. Source: