Kanade Ooe

大江 奏, Kana
Birthday: November 3rd Scorpio Height: 150 cm Weight: 43 kg Blood Type: O Favourite Food: Ohagi roll cake Hobby: Researching about different ways to tie the obi School: Municipal Mizusawa High School Year 2 Class 5 Karuta Club accountant Karuta Society: Shirohoku Society C Class Favourite Song: Poem 60 By Oe Mountain The road to Ikuno Is far away And neither have I beheld Nor crossed its bridge of heaven. A girl with a taste for the classics Kanade is a quiet girl who works in a kimono store and loves all kinds of traditional clothing. She is quite knowledgeable about the true meanings behind the One Hundred Poems and joins the karuta club on the condition that they start wearing hakama. Source: Wikipedia