Luka Bellini

瑠夏・ベリーニ, Sleeping Lion
Age: 33 Birthday: August 23rd Height: 192cm Blood Type: B Nationality: Japanese Half Italian Weapon: M93R Hideout: King Caesar HQ in Tokyo He was one of the rowdy lads in the organisation in the past. He becomes more stable after taking over King Caesar as the boss. He highly values his suboordinates and his mafia honour codes and is a traditional guy who takes over the position even though he feels he is not cut out for it. Normally very serene and calm but is the exact opposite when angered due to the contrast between his normal self and angry self hersquos called ldquosleepin lion.rdquo Only a few in the family know about this hidden side of him. Voiced in the game by Hirakawa Daisuke. source