Ken Ugajin

宇賀神剣, No Cry Killer

Age: 28 Birthday: September 20th Height: 172cm Blood Type: A Nationality: Japanese Weapon: スタームルガーMK1 Hide-out: High floor mansion near the coastal area. Chinese crime syndicate and Dragon Head’s second-in-command, he is the secretary and conveys messages for Liu Jien who does not show his presence often. To most of the subordinates, they take whatever Ugajin says as Liu Jien’s orders. He exudes an exceptional presence and commands obedience from others. He wears a fitted suit and carries a white handkerchief (i.e. the obsessive compulsive megane clean freak) when he is out. A tactician who hides his emotions well. Voiced in the game by Sugiyama Noriaki. source