Henry Maaka

Karin Maakas father Henry Marker is a vampire who is portrayed as surprisingly human he seems to act in a way one might call silly. Despite Karins teenage status at age sixteen Henry still views Karin as extremely young. Despite Karins anomalies and flaws he still loves her dearly: this is exemplified when Karin first suffered a nosebleed at a human school Henry braved the sunlight to rescue Karin from the hospital workers who would have realized she was a vampire upon examination and is severely burned in the process. Henry suffers normal paternal jealousy when the possibility of love between Karin and Kenta Usui arises. Henry is often pushed about by his wife Carrera Marker but has a fierce side which he rarely allows the world to see. Like most other vampires Henry has a bat as a familiar who remains unnamed but has glowing red eyes. Taken from Wikipedia.org