Akane Serizawa

芹沢 茜
Akane is an enthused student who likes to overdramatize things. She is a member of the drama club and enjoys donning costumes and tricking her more slowwitted schoolmates such as Himeko. The sharper characters usually Rei or Miyako see through her schemes easily but usually allow her to continue for a while for entertainment. She is notable for her nekomimi cat ear hair she has a normal set of ears hidden under her hair and her vicious humour mdash she frequently imitates Jason Voorhees and wears a hand puppet of him to scare the others. The costume of hers that reoccurs the most in the anime is a robot named Roboko literally meaning quotRobot girlquot. One notable episode shows her in a dramatic fight against Yuzuko Kurusu of the Movie Club as Godzilla VS. Robot. Akane and Yuzuko are a canon quotyuriquot pair in the manga and the anime gives a small indication of their developing relationship. Serizawa is also considered a pseudomain character she has so much interaction with the main cast from class 1C that she often appears with them or being included in the production of official merchandise such as figurines that dont include the other main characters. Source: Wikipedia