Behoimi describes herself as a quothealing type magical girlquot and wears an eyegrabbing pink costume to prove it. Her character is a reference to Dragon Quest but she never actually shows any magic powers. She claims that she can only use her powers when no one is watching because if she was observed using them she would have to return to the land of magic. During the time she is dressed like this she has an energetic personality akin to the magical girl stereotype found in anime and manga and is only seen down in spirits in episode 8. After coming to terms that she cannot continue this way of life any longer she completely changes her appearance by donning glasses dying her hair black tying it in pigtails and dressing normally. However she makes another small appearance in magical girl attire in episodes 10 15 and 25. Behoimi has an extensive knowledge of medicine toxicology and explosives. After the change to normalcy her personality is much more reserved and serious a stark contrast to what was seen of her prior to the change. She still holds a penchant to help people out but knows that a normal girl such as her cannot make much of a difference most of the time. Apparently she knows Media from a time when she worked for a service and the two battled against each other. She could possibly be an actual magical girl leaving much mystery around her. Source: Wikipedia