Madoka Mawari

圓 円
Madoka is a middle school student so unlike most of the characters she is not enrolled at Todou Academy. She is the current head of the Mawari Family a White Feather Family with expertise in swordsmanship. She is a very carefree kind girl. She seems to like sweets as when she and Aya Natsume bought ice cream for the group she tried to run off with it all herself. She tends to refer to people with cute nicknames consisting of abbreviations of their surnames with a Japanese honorific such as michan techan matakun and kaburin. In her initial appearance Madoka was quite different. Since at the time as she was under a manipulation jutsu cast by Shaku Kago. While under his influence she had reduced sensitivity to pain and was incredibly determined. The spell also convinced her she was in love with Sohaku but after be freed from it she views him as an enemy that killed her parents. Madoka is not the only surviving member of her family as someone with her last name assists Souichiro Nagi in his training. After her subsequent release from manipulation jutsu she actually assists the Juuken Club and develops a crush on Masataka Takayanagi. Masataka is oblivious to this crush. Madoka herself doesnt seem to have a good understanding of such things as she didnt understand why Shizuru Kamura views Maya Natsume as an enemy. Madoka agrees to assist the Juuken Club in anyway despite the fact she cant actually compete in the tournament. It seems she is doing so not only because she is a good person but also to catch Masatakas attention source:Wikipedia