Charles Knowles

Count Charles Knowles is the commanding officer of the Anatoray battleship Goliath assigned to Madthane039s fleet at Minagith. His ship is the first to retreat from the battlefield during the surprise attack by Disith giving it the nickname the quotFleeingquot Goliath. Knowles is portrayed as a vain and egotistical character and orders his own face painted on the bow of the Goliath. He challenges Alex Row to a shiptoship duel but regrets his action after realizing he is facing the quotInvinciblequot Silvana. Knowles orders his men to fire before the signal to commence is fired expecting to destroy the Silvana in a surprise attack but the Silvana is unharmed and sinks his ship in one volley. He perishes with the entire crew of the Goliath. Source: Wikipedia