Spinel appears as the only female soldier in the army of Nephelin Marquis of Red Beryl and serves as his confidant and bodyguard. Right at her first appearance she demonstrates a supernatural strength which gives her the ability to kill and destroy Guignols. It soon becomes clear that Lucille and Spinel know each other from earlier and it is revealed that they visited the same school and Lucille took her under his wing after noticing that she was very afraid of losing her right to exist by failure. She developed a crush on Lucille only was never able to tell him. Spinel has the remarkable ability of changing her voice as she likes able to mimic almost anyone. Her natural voice seems to be really cute and girlylike which keeps amusing the people around her because it is a very harsh contrast to her cool and badass attitude. She seems to have a knack for costumes and uniforms. Her preferred weapon is an electric bludgeon. Spinel actually is a spy from the Royal Court and feels betrayed by Rutil for abandoning the Queen. Nevertheless she still carries deep feelings for him. She is annoyed if the Orchestra runs afoul of her and destroy her longprepared disguise. She is living with the knowledge that useless spies are finished off to keep the clients name secret therefore she puts a very hard effort into the success of her missions which she views as her right to exist. She is immune to the guignol virus though it isnt known why exactly although she states that it doesnt work on us Canaries indicating that she could be a Philomela just like Lucille. Source: Yuki Kaori Ningyou Kyuutei Gakudan