Dai Yoko

Dai Yko is a great monster that manipulates the dark side petrifies his opponents specializes in fire based spells shakes the universe with a single leap and can do anything with his breath. He is strong and arrogant. When he feels irritated he will destroy a whole mountain. Dai Yko is an elder kitsune who was sealed under a large stone by the founding patriarch of the Kawahira family and is also the father of Yko. Dai Yko is also a doting father. He is apparently incapable of being angry with his daughter although she twice aided in sealing him to prevent him from doing damage. A bit of an embarrassing parent Dai Yko revealed he has been keeping a picture diary of every moment in his daughters life no matter how private. He is initially deadset against his daughter being together with Keita. In past times Dai Yko apparently defeated the evil wizard Sekidousai in single combat. The reason he came up against the Kawahira family is that he wanted to conquer their mountain ... so his daughter would have a place to nap.