Kazuki Fuuchoin

風鳥院花月, Kazuki of the String, Prince of Fear, Thread Spool
Name: Fuuchiyouin Kazuki Age: 20 Sex: Male Birthday: 1st January Bloodtype: AB Height: 176 cm Weight: 59 kg Weapons: Threads One of the former Four Kings of the VOLTS currently working as a guiding agent in Shinjuku. Kadsuki is the one to go for if you want information on just about anything chances are he knows all of your secrets too. He keeps in close contact with Shido and Ginji but he doesnt usually work with them. Kadsuki fights with strings as one might expect from the Fuuchouin String Style there are a great many elusive fragments of this art that cant be traced. However it is an incredibly flexible skill he can overhear conversations that take place in the presence of one of his strings change his physical appearance and voice sew peoples mouths and eyes shut.