Suzune Shiratori

白鳥 鈴音

Suzune is a tall, athletic girl and the best friend of Otome Akiyama. Suzune's favorite hobby is to put Otome in a hold and press on a spot on her head, saying that this will keep Otome, who is very sensitive about her short stature, from growing taller, though instead of hitting the pressure point to stunt her growth, always hits the pressure point to induce diarrhea. When she is angry or annoyed her hand mysteriously becomes larger and she lets loose a devastating "chop" on an unsuspecting character who is always left incapacitated afterward. This furthers the fact that she is a very strong girl even though it doesn't look it at first. Later in the anime series she shows a talent for making hand puppets depicting chibi forms of some of the characters, herself included. (source:Wikipedia)