Woolf Enneacle

ウルフ・エニアクル, White Wolf

Age (115 A.G.): 23 Age (140 A.G.): 48 Woolf Enneacle can be described as a vain, egocentric person who works at being the "cool guy." He often makes references to his sense of smell and animal instincts, playing off the "wolf" pronunciation of his name and the character he portrays. As a play on his nickname "White Wolf" he insists that his mobile suits be white in color. He is also impatient and a flirt; after waking up on the Diva, he kept pressing everyone about what was happening, though not bothering to listen, as well as hitting on Millais Alloy, despite her continually rejecting him. However Woolf is not a heartless person, as when he and the young Flit Asuno were attacked by the Uknown Enemy (UE), he risked his life to give Flit a chance to escape and warn the rest of the crew, showing that he does care about his comrades.

In the battle of Nortrum, Wolf died from saving Asemu from Desil as he took the fatal blow instead of the AGE-2.

(Source: Gundam Wikia)