Akira Miyata

宮田 晶
Akira has a reputation for being clumsy because she frequently trips and falls. She is very sensitive about her clumsiness but she is ironically also a member of the Intelligence Club. Her only redeeming characteristic is her razor buzz haircut. Her English explanation and statistics state that she is number 003 and her costume and Japanese explanation state that she is 002. This confusing contradiction is never cleared up because Akira and Yuzuko are always called upon by Hibiki together. Only in episode 16 do we hear Hibiki refer to Akira as quot002quot when speaking to her alone on the phone. From this it is clear that the English explanation was in error. Due to her clumsiness Akira is frequently referred to by Inugami as quotDojikoquot which usually translates to a stereotypical clumsy girl. Akira is also seen and talks about her membership in the Falling Club an obvious joke about her clumsiness. source:Wikipedia