Renshou Sorinozuka


Age: 17 Height: 180 cm Birthday: June 14 Sorinozuka is an Ittan-momen youkai and his partner is Yukinokouji, the yuki-onna. He has several tattoos and tanned skin. He gets along very well with Ririchiyo and considers her like a little sister to him, because of that, Soushi respectfully calls him "brother". Manga spoilers

He survives the demon raid and is the only one who doesn't die. -Second arc- 23 years later He is 41 years old. The only one to survive out of the whole cast. He has been patiently waiting for the others to reincarnate along with investigating about the incident 23 years ago. He got married with a normal girl and had a child with her. However, his relationship failed due to his loneliness and guilt over the others' death, and now he lives alone in his apartment with a 14-year-old Nobara. He is working alongside Natsume, Karuta, and Kagerou in fixing their current situation. -Third arc- In the current timeline, he is with Kotaru when the latter discovers the time capsule sent by their reincarnations from the future.