Yuuma Kashiwagi

柏木 優麻
Yuuma and Yuuna Kashiwagi are identical twins but Yuuma has the more outgoing personality. When the twins are called together she is almost always the one to speak up first that they are indeed separate people and should be called on differently. Despite this Miyuki and Rei don039t see why they should try to tell them apart which further angers Yuuma. She and her twin are interested in fashion and dressing up but when her twin auditions or performs for anything Yuuma enjoys secretly using her pen to write large and clearly visible characters on Yuuna039s forehead for good luck. Often Yuuna is disqualified from whatever she was auditioning for because of this. Yuuma defends that this is not done in spite but in love though it takes some persuading of Yuuna to make her believe it. Whatever her intentions may be it is never clearly explained at least in the anime which it is. Yuuma always ties her hair on the left side of her head with a blue ribbon and wears knee socks of the same color. Both she and her sister are in the Drama Club and are in charge of making most of the costumes some of which they wear to class in some episodes. source:Wikipedia