Ruriko Ikusawa

生沢 ルリ子, Rurippe
Ruriko is one of the first Gate Keepers recruited in Japan by A.E.G.I.S. and controls the Gate of Life. Ruriko is the unhappy bearer of the nickname 039Rurippe039 pronounced quotRURIPEquot which holds no real meaning except that Ukiya relates it to her childhood appearance as a sniveler or one who always has a runny nose. Viewed as a model student and an active participant in school activities Ruriko only snaps when Ukiya uses her nickname in public. Her original ability involves a healing light and she utilizes it for combat through the materialization of a bow and arrow. She is taken by Reiji Kageyama and is convinced to hate others thus changing her Gate into the Minus Gate of Genocide a gate according to Misao Sakimori that should never be opened because of the devastation it brings. When she discovers that her secret love for Ukiya is reciprocated her hatred fades and restores her Gate of Life. Her Gate color is yellow. Source: Wikipedia