Kris Kristopher

Birthday: January 1st Birthplace: the Moon Kris reveals herself as the most talented one of her class on the satelliteuniversity. Like in Battle Athletes she belongs to a small community of men living on the lunar surface: the Biginners. Such community lives in a profound symbiosis with nature and refuses every kind of technology preferring to live in harmony in an environment unpolluted. Kris especially belongs to a family of priests able to feel spirits and talk with them. On the satelliteuniversity Kris shares her room with Akari and Anna as well as Gyubei her cow brought from the moon and whose milk Kris believes she cant survive. Her feelings for Akari are clearly of romantic nature or rather after meeting the terrestrial athlete she is struck by love at first sight. In the last episodes of the second series this feelings are reciprocated. Furthermore during those last episodes the two share an emphatic bond conjured up by Kris and made solemn by the spirits worshiped by her.