Urara Kasugano

春日野うらら, キュアレモネード, Cure Lemonade
Age: 13 Beginning 14 GoGo Urara Kasugano is one of the five main cures in Yes Precure 5 and Yes Precure 5 GoGo and the youngest of them. She is a firstyear transfer student at Lcole des Cinq Lumires middle school. Uraras alter ego is Cure Lemonade the Precure of Effervescence. Urara is a young girl with golden blonde hair worn in pigtails held with red scrunchies and gold eyes. In Yes Precure 5 GoGo she wears a pale yellow turtleneck beneath a brown blouse a golden yellow kneelength skirt and brown and pink heels worn with pale yellow socks. As Cure Lemonade her eyes and hair turn bright yellow worn up in thick cones with curled waistlength strands sticking out of the tips to accent the curls by each ear. She gains yellow butterfly earrings and a ribbon on the neck. A bit materialistic but calm and polite referring to most of her friends with the suffix san. Urara is naturally cheery and sweet but while she normally shows this to others without hesitation she is actually very shy until she befriended Nozomi Yumeharahttps://anilist.co/character/3585. She is somewhat similar to Nozomi in that they are both shown rushing headfirst into things and they love eating. She can also be absentminded and a little clumsy but she has more selfconfidence in comparison. She also takes her work very seriously and has a busy lifestyle. Source: Pretty Cure Wiki