Kaoru Konoe

A tomboyish athlete Kaoru was tormented by her previous stint in the track team. She awoke her own Gate of Close Combat which increases her natural physical abilities to insane proportions to create such a logic defying world record for sprinting that it was revoked. She jumped at the chance to join A.E.G.I.S. so that she could use her abilities without restraint and to 039steal Ukiya from Ruriko039. She wears her PE uniform a white shirt with her class tag and blue burm when fighting Invaders. Her skills include 039Kaoru Punch039 and 039Kaoru Kick039 among other selfnamed close combat fighting styles and her incredible lifting and stopping abilities like her Hustle move where she lifts heavy objects and turns them into projectiles sometimes reminds the viewer of Wonder Woman or Supergirl. Her Gate color is blue like Shun039s. Source: Wikipedia