Karen Minazuki

水無月かれん, キュアアクア, Cure Aqua
Age: 15 Beginning 16 GoGo Karen Minazuki is one of the five main cures in Yes Precure 5 and Yes Precure 5 GoGo. She is a thirdyear student and the student council president of Lcole des Cinq Lumires middle school. Karens alter ego is Cure Aqua the Precure of Intelligence. Karen has dark blue eyes with thick eyebrows. Her matching colored hair is worn loose with some strands over the left shoulder and her bangs brushed to the left. In Yes Precure 5 GoGo her casual outfit is a bluishgray top and skirt with a bow on the back and navy heels. As Cure Aqua her eyes and hair turn bright blue with her hair growing out into a straightened ponytail held with a blue butterfly adorned by a red gem. She also gains blue butterfly earrings. Her outfit is styled like Cure Mints a white minidress with blue lining and bow around the waist and pale yellow straps circling the offshoulder sleeves. These are trim with pale blue ruffles to match the secondary skirt layer and on the chest is a butterfly but this one is pale yellow. She also gains dark blue shorts and blue boots with a butterfly and gloves to match her dress with a light blue butterfly on the hand her Pinky Catch worn on the wrist. Karen is strongly admired for being calm and stoic a mature young woman who has come to cover up her insecurities and feelings of loneliness. She dearly misses her parents as they are usually away but out of obligation and feeling that everything rests on her shoulders she refuses to let it get to her she has come to think she needs to do everything by herself. She was originally very enthusiastic about being class representative prior to meeting Komachihttps://anilist.co/character/4832 but by the time it began wearing her down she was forced to keep going to be there for her. Because of her position Karen is able to memorize all the names and faces of all the Cinq Lumires students and also easily takes responsibility when something happens to the school. While usually calm in temperament when pushed enough she can sometimes get to a point where she ends up saying hurtful or offensive things to other people. Source: Pretty Cure Wiki