ココ, 小々田コージ, 小々田先生, Kouji Kokoda, Cocoda-sensei
Coco is one of the mascots in Yes Pretty Cure 5 and Yes Pretty Cure 5 GoGo. He has the unique ability to transform into a human at will but quickly changes back to mascot form if he gets slightly hurt or weakened. When in human form he works as a teacher of Lcole des Cinq Lumires middle school under the name Kouji Kokoda in order to be close to the Precure while also searching for the Pinkies for the Dream Collet in order to get a friend of his back and to save his kingdom. When in his fairy form he ends his sentences with coco. Coco is a beige foxlike fairy. He has triangular ears a salmonred tuff on his head and round blue eyes with black lashes. He has fluffy fur around his neck and a puffy round tail. In his human form he is tall and has short brown hair. He normally wears a white shirt and blue trousers and sometimes wears a blue vest. Coco is kind and caring who trusts people rather easily and is ready to reveal his mascot form to save innocent people. As a human hes calm wise and nice but as a fairy he is very energetic. He enjoys hanging out with his friends but worries about his kingdom and Nuts He would go to great lengths just to protect those he cares about. Even though hes kind he sometimes gets mad and is strict towards anyone who does something wrong or drastic. Source: Pretty Cure Wiki