Senna is a young girl with purple hair and a red ribbon tied to it. She has large orange eyes and is usually seen in a brown school uniform. When she transforms into a Shinigami Senna wears the standard unseated shinigami uniform with a large red ribbon tied around her waist. Senna likes the color red and high places. Shes also very curious constantly darting from place to place. Although she is haunted by brief randomlyappearing memories of her past Senna generally exibits a spunky upbeat and carefree personality. As stated by Ichigo Senna is additionally strongwilled stubborn loyal and somewhat outspoken. Near the end of the movie when Senna is about to sacrifice herself and Ichigo attempts to stop her she states that shed rather sacrifice herself than see Ichigo die implying that she may have developed romantic feelings towards Ichigo during the time that they spent together. The same might be said for Ichigo as when he went to a store to buy Sennas trademark red ribbon the female clerk questioned if it was a present for his girlfriend to which he slightly blushed at that query and quickly dismissed it not quite being his reply in the original Japanese version he insists that she was his sister in the English dub. She also went into a brief state of depression when she assumed that Ichigo was killed during his first battle with the films main villain Ganry after witnessing Ganry impale Ichigo with his spear. Senna also has Shinigami powers and a Zanpakut. Rukia reveals her Zanpakut was lost 100 years ago in the Severed world. However it wasnt revealed as to how Senna obtained her Shinigami powers or her Zanpakut. Besides her Zanpakut and ability to control Blanks Senna has shown to be skilled in swordsmanship and an agile fighter and gymnast. Even in her gigai she is very agile able to perform several backflips at once. It is implied she is adept in Flash Steps when she falls and seemingly disappears reappearing behind Ichigo during a tightrope walking performance at the Karakura Mall fooling even Ichigo who is an expert in Flash Steps himself. Zanpakut Mirokumaru Maitreya circle Shikai: Her zanpakut is released by the command Call forth the Twilight Yyami ni izanae Bring them to the twilight in the English dub. It takes the form of a Khakkhara when released. Shikai Special Ability: Mirokumaru has the power to create and control tornadoes.