Tadpole Jackson

オタマ・ジャクソン, Otama Jackson
Otama Jackson is a gigantic black tadpole with googly eyes a long tail and a wide redlipped mouth bearing a set of sharp teeth. He is a very loyal and hardworking familiar always doing his best to serve Eruka even if it means putting himself in harm039s way. His main function is to act as a mount for Eruka using his large size and capability to fly to aid his master in whatever way possible. However Otama Jackson has very low stamina and cannot fight at all making him easily exhausted and extremely vulnerable to attack. Unlike other Witches with their familiars the two seem to share a close friendship with each other despite Eruka039s apparent dominant role in the relationship with even the normally docile Eruka reprimanding Free after he only slightly injures Jackson. Jackson in turn is extremely loyal to Eruka going so far as to help pass her the needle of Black Blood that is supposed to reawaken Asura before Black Star can get at it resulting in the tadpole getting beaten up by Black Star. Eruka laments over this and decides to fulfill the mission solely for Jackson039s sake.