Kyoshiro Mibu

壬生 京四郎, Demon God
Mibu Kyoshiros personality is almost a direct opposite of the series main character Demon Eyes Kyo. Awkward and funny at the beginning of the adventure Mibu Kyoshiro is in fact a frightening combatant called the DemonGod who is the only one to have beaten Kyo. Kyoshiro has the ability to transfer human souls. He uses this to transfer Kyos soul into his own body while hiding Kyos body. He killed many people in the past including the brother of Shiina Yuya Shiina Nozomu. He is actually a high ranked Mibu and is gifted in the handling of a sword and is thought to be the best swordsman of the clan to date. He knows the techniques of the Mumyou Jinpu Ryuu and is also the former owner of the Shibien. As far as areas of comparison go his skill and potential rank him equal to Kyo and just below the former Crimson King. His only wish is to protect Sakuya whom he is in love with along with Kyo before the battle of Sekigahara. It is seen in the manga that he had always been in love with Sakuya and Kyo is a dear close friend who cares for them both. He cares greatly for Yuya and would do anything to protect her saying he will not let Kyo have her. Also it is noted by Sasuke how Kyoshiro looks at Yuya tenderly as seen in Chapter 234. Mibu Kyoshiro is one of the Red Cross Knights created from the flesh and blood of the former Aka no Ou. He was a killing machine but he had a very friendly heart he only became friendly with Sakuyas influence. He was also a master of Mumyo Jinpu Ryuu Satsujin Ken. He once wielded the Shibien one of Muramasas Devil Swords and killed many people with it until the sword turned black in color because it absorbed too much blood. In the end of the manga it is shown that Kyoshiro is living with Sakuya and visits Yuya and Kyo.