アルヴィス, Alvis, Emperor of Flame
I will change this world for the better. Under my rule humanity shall be free from the pain of prejudice tyranny and oppression Arvis to Manfroy Arvis Japanese: Alvis was the Duke of Velthomer the son of the previous Duke Victor and Cigyun of Verdanes Spirit Forest and was later the first and only Emperor of Grannvale through marriage to its princess Deirdre. He inherited full Fjalar Holy Blood and the ability to wield Valflame from his father as well as minor Loptous Holy Blood from his mother the latter made him central to the schemes of Manfroy of the Loptyrians. Arvis rose to power in a time of turmoil in both Grannvale and Jugdral as a whole and under his rule Grannvale expanded to hold tyrannical dominion over nearly the entire continent despite Arviss best intentions his rule was undermined by his son Julius the vessel of Loptous who undermined his fathers power and twisted Grannvale into a facsimile of the ancient Lopt Empire. Source: Fire Emblem Wiki