Daisuke Narumi

Name Daisuke Narumi Gender Male Age 16 Height 194 cm Weight Unknown Team Josei Position Center Talent None Daisuke Narumi is a first year rookie at Josei High. Narumi is a very tall and buff high school boy. He has spikey, dark hair that is combed to the back, with a few hairs sticking out at the front. He plays with jersey number 9. Narumi is very arrogant and overconfident in his abilities. As a way of concentration, he listens to heavy metal and reads porn magazines.[1] His love for erotic women is further expressed when he heard Seirin had a female coach and he was dissappointed when he saw Riko, expecting a sexy woman with nice curves.[2] It seems that his tension on-court goes up when he knows a sexy woman is present, which didn't happen with Riko.