Cabaji is the second mate in Buggys crew as well as their primary swordsman who combines it with acrobatics mostly on a unicycle to fight his enemies. He fights with Roronoa Zoro no sooner than after being introduced and plays dirty by kicking Zoros wounds whenever he has the chance. But once Cabaji is knocked off his unicycle he is easily defeated by Zoros Oni Giri which cuts open his chest. After Buggys crew was defeated by Luffy he fought with the other first mate Mohji for the title for the next captainboth were knocked out by a sleepwalking Richie who gained the title though lost it just as quick. However he returned to his former position when Buggy resurfaced. During the Loguetown attack Cabaji accompanied Buggy and Alvida to fight against the Straw Hats and Navy. However despite wanting to have a rematch with Zoro he didnt get a chance to do so. Source: Wikipedia