Shido Fuyuki

冬木士度, Beast Master, Tarzan
Name: Fuyuki Shido Age: 21 Birthday: 12th August Sex: Male Height: 182 cm Weight: 72 kg Bloodtype: A First introduced as the beastmaster he has the ability to control animals although perhaps it should be better stated that he asks them for favors as he views animals as his friends. Once Volts disbanded Shido left the Infinity Fortress to make a living outside like Ginji. After reconciling with Ginji whom he felt had betrayed Volts by leaving the Infinity Fortress Shido took a cue from the Get Backers and started his own retrieval service occasionally aided by Emishi. He is very independent and cold to others. Even though his powers allow him to control animals he considers them friends and tries to protect them as they do him. He eventually ends up living with Madoka Otowa and he has an ongoing rivalry with Ban he calls Ban snake bastard SnakeforBrains in the anime while Bans retort is often sarumashi monkey boy or due to to his stay with Madoka pimp. In VOLTS Shido is paired with Masaki Kurusu to protect the East Gates of the Infinity Fortress. Due to this he knows a lot about Masaki and his followers although it is doubted he knows about Masakis true identity as a vassal for the Voodoo King. He remarks that Masaki has changed a lot from what he used to be a man who will protect the weak.