Sasuke Sarutobi

猿飛 佐助
Sarutobi Sasuke is a young ninja who is one of three members of the Sanada Juuyuushi who appears prominently throughout Samurai Deeper Kyo. He is only 12 years old but even though he is young he is very great at handling a sword. Originally he lived in Aokigahara a forest filled with the failed constructs of the Mibu with his friend Kotarou now Makora of the Juunishinshou. Being of the Forest he has heightened strength and abilities as well as characteristic golden eyes. Sasuke was involved in most of Yukimuras plots but was ultimately left out of Yukimuras deception of the Mibu clan as Yukimura needed even Sasuke to believe hed betrayed his friends in order for the Mibu to believe it as well. Sasuke originally wielded a Muramasa blade which was physically identical to Kyos Tenrou one of the four masterpieces that Muramasa forged but when that sword was cracked in a duel with Demon Eyes Kyo a fight to determine who had the real Tenrou he was given the Shibien the oldest of Muramasas Four Masterpieces. The Shibien blade however is exceptionally bloodthirsty and its creator Muramasa had to have it bound in chains to prevent it from turning on anyone. Strangely enough it serves Sasuke obediently. Sasuke seems to have control over Lightning techniques. Sasuke possesses a technique called Raikoken that electrifies his sword. Thunder Fire calls a bolt of lightning down to strike an enemy. Thunder Flower Storm brings many lightning bolts down around Sasuke and his enemy. Thunder Net traps Sasukes enemies in a web of lightning which never lets go. Thunder Tail connects Sasukes lightning to his sword allowing him to kill an enemy with a physical strike. Sasukes ultimate technique is Kirin which creates a lightning winged Pegasus that burns all it touches when it returns to heaven. Also it was seen in several of Sasukes battles that he has the same red eyes as Kyo.