あい, Ai-tan
Ai the oldest of the three is a motherly 18yearsold sister. She is often wears a Santastyled hat over her green hair and is the only major character with large breasts a fact which she is often reminded of by her youngest sister Mii. Ai is very nearsighted and requires glasses to see clearly. Ai is an awful cook but that unfortunately doesn039t stop her from cooking anyway. Daichi a young boy the girls meet on their travels is the only one willing to eat her food. Ai has a heart of gold and is always ready to help others in need. She seems to be the defacto caretaker of the sisters039 pet ferret Unagi. She also loves to relax by taking bubble baths. Ai is used to the traveling and nonaging and takes it in stride mostly unaffected by it until she meets Daichi as an adult. Ai has the unique ability to speak to plants which leads her to often spending time talking to the dandelions which she and her sisters refer to as quotpopotanquot. They help guide her on her family039s quest to meet Shizuku. Source: Wikipedia