Usapyon was a stuffed animal that Love played with when she was a little. At one point we see a flashback where Love's mom wanted to throw Usapyon away because she is worn with stuffing coming out of one ear and some coming out of her back but Love stopped her and told her mom that she want to keep her.

When Usapyon comes to life she informs the group that she knows that they are Pretty Cure and explains why the toys are disappearing and all about Toymajin. Usapyon also tries to talk Toymajin out of his evil plans but is absorbed into Toymajin temporarily which worries. Love believes since she left Usapyon in the closet and almost forgot about her that she threw her away but Usapyon tells Love that since she saved Usapyon that she never her. At the end of the movie we see several bandages on Love's fingers and a fully patched up Usapyon sitting on Love's desk.