Shirou Emiya

衛宮士郎, Emiyan
Height: 167cm Weight: 58kg Hair color: Orange Eye color: Brown Shirou is the main character of Fate/stay night. He is a serious yet helpful hardworking and honest teenager. His hobbies include fixing a variety of broken things from VCRs to stoves as well as cooking and cleaning. He has some slight talent with sorcery though he was discouraged by his foster father Kiritsugu Emiya from improving his gifts. He is initially confused about the Holy Grail War and attempts to irrationally shield others from danger including his own Servant Saber. Shirou is unskilled in most traditional forms of sorcery and he only knows Reinforcement the power to analyze the structural composition of objects and increase their effectiveness by understanding their chemical and physical makeup such as the sharpness and durability of a sword and shield. However he lacks mastery for even this simple spell and his various applications of it are limited. Source: Wikipedia