軫宿, Juan Myou, 妙 寿安
Mitsukake ? is the healer of Suzaku039s warriors. He is softspoken and one of the most serious of the Suzaku Celestial Warriors. He is 22 years old and was born in Sen Village near Chk of northern part of Knan. His true name is Juan My Myou Juan? born the star Chariot . Mitsukake039s fighting abilities are limited to his own strength but as a Celestial Warrior he possesses incredible healing powers at the cost of exchanging some of his own life force. He uses this ability frequently to heal minor injuries but after healing lifethreatening injuries Mitsukake requires an entire day to regenerate his life force. His cat Tama is the unofficial mascot of the Suzaku Celestial Warriors and after Mitsukake039s death becomes Chichiri039s pet. The son of a country doctor he put his natural talents to work and often would help his father with his rounds. His father eventually died attempting to save villagers close to a flooding river during the same storm that claimed the lives of Chichiri039s loved ones. Mitsukake shows utter devotion to healing however after the death of Shka the daughter of the local nobleman who he was in love with Mitsukake gave up medicine and dedicated all of his time and energy into finding a miracle herb that could cure any illness. It was during this reclusive stage that Miaka and the others find him and managed to get him to join them with little persuasion. However he continues to cherish the memory of the late Shka. Despite his expressionless appearance and tendency to remain silent Mitsukake is a kindhearted and calm man who seems aloof but is actually shy and does not know how to be more outgoing. He is especially kind to the weak elderly the sickly and children as well as animals. During the battle between Konan and Kut he is severely wounded by Nakago. Mitsukake subsequently dies exhausting all his energy to save the life of a child who is later revealed to be the reincarnation of his beloved as well as all the soldiers who had been wounded during the battle. Source: Wikipedia