Mii Re

レ・ミィ , Re Mie
A pragmatic energetic and occasionally cynical traveling companion of RaKan. She is the daughter of Ra Kan039s younger sister making her his niece and shows a great deal of respect for him often calling him as Ojisama. She039s a princess of RaKan039s fallen nation and she has a crush on Ruuji. She displayed her attraction by blushing from timetotime and was jealous when she thought Ruuji was engaged to Kotona. She usually criticizes Ruuji for his impulsive behavior as well as his inexperience in piloting Zoids. Despite her size she is a capable combatant able to pin down Ruuji with little effort. Ruuji and Garaga complain much about her inability to do any cooking besides BBQ. She would eventually become good friends with Souta and named him Gin. During her time in the suppression army she was in charge of supply guard detail and lead her own Lanstag battalion.